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Spokane Police sergeant resigned after having sex while on duty, report says

Spokane Police Sgt. Chet Gilmore had sex while on duty with a woman he met at church, according to police internal affairs investigation records.

Gilmore resigned from the department on March 3 after having been placed on paid administrative leave at the end of January. At the time of his resignation he was working in the Special Victims Unit.

The investigation, released through a public records request, found that Gilmore and the woman had sex while he was on duty on at least three occasions in December. Two of the encounters occurred in his home. In addition, they had sex in an unmarked Spokane Police vehicle in the parking lot of Hobby Lobby while Gilmore was on duty, the records say.

The affair came to light when the woman’s husband became suspicious and confronted her. The husband informed police.

The report says that the two exchanged text messages from late October until December 9. “These often are exchanged every few minutes,” it says, including “an enormous amount of texts” during Gilmore’s work hours.

The report concludes that Gilmore had sex while on duty and solicited sex while on duty, both violations of department policy. “The allegation of conduct unbecoming a Spokane Police Officer, Canon 4/Standard 4.9, is unquestionablesustained,” the report concluded.Sgt. Dave Staben authored the report.

Gilmore and the woman met at Turning Point Open Bible church and had acted in plays there together, she told investigators.

She said her husband initially wasn’t going to tell police about the affair, but he ran into “a Captain he knows” and told that officer about it.

In his interview with investigators, Gilmore said he had been a member of the Spokane Police Department for 25 years.

He acknowledged that as a supervisor, he would view behavior like his as “abominable.”

When the department announced his resignation, a news release said only that he had been under investigation for a non-criminal matter.

“Spokane Police Department employees, both civilian and commissioned, are held to a high standard of behavior,” the news release said. “Misconduct will not be tolerated as the Spokane Police Department works to reduce crime and protect the community we serve.”