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Putin reminiscent of Hitler

The last time a crisis like Ukraine happened in Europe, Russia was not the cause. But a comparison of the events surrounding each brings a stark reality.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that the breakup of Russia was the worst thing that happened to his country. Adolf Hitler stated that the end of World War I weighed unfairly on Germany and was the worst thing that happened to his country.

Putin states that he is only supporting ethnic Russians who do not want to be part of the Ukraine. Hitler said he was only freeing ethnic Germans. Putin disdains gays and lesbians. Hitler didn’t like the Jews. Putin does not care what the world leaders think because they are weak. Hitler had no fear of world leaders because he knew that they were weak.

World leaders are full of rhetoric and threats, while the public is totally indifferent to Putin and the Ukraine. World leaders were full of rhetoric and limited response to Hitler, and the public was generally indifferent to what was going on in Europe.

I wonder what the scholars mean when they say those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Daniel Clark



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