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Spokane police sergeant had sex while on duty, investigation reveals

Fri., March 14, 2014

In what he repeatedly called an “abominable” act, former Spokane police Sgt. Chet Gilmore told investigators he had sex with a married woman while on duty months before he resigned from the force.

Gilmore, who was placed on administrative leave in January from his 3-month-old position with the force’s Special Victims Unit, resigned from the department March 3. At the time, Spokane police said the internal investigation and Gilmore’s subsequent resignation were due to non-criminal actions.

The details of the affair are included in an internal affairs investigation report obtained through a public records request. The records outline a relationship that began during rehearsals for a musical production at Turning Point Open Bible church last fall.

The woman’s husband came forward in January after discovering his wife was communicating inappropriately with Gilmore via text message, Facebook and email.

“I believe I was ashamed and probably fearful,” Gilmore told internal affairs investigators when asked why he didn’t notify his superiors of the sexual activity earlier.

The husband said he informed police of the affair because he was worried Gilmore would avoid punishment, if the relationship was not brought to light.

According to the records, Gilmore was being investigated for violating four department policies and standards at the time he resigned: engaging in sexual acts on duty, soliciting a sexual relationship while on duty, neglecting his duty and engaging in conduct unbecoming of an officer.

“I feel bad about putting any of you in a position to investigate me,” Gilmore told his superiors in an interview.

In November, the woman picked up Gilmore from a police precinct and they drove to a nearby park, where they kissed. The woman’s 4-year-old son was asleep in the back seat, according to their testimony.

At least three sexual liaisons occurred when Gilmore was on duty, the report says. Both Gilmore and the woman confirmed the officer received oral sex in the woman’s car in a parking lot of a retail business in early December. During a subsequent meeting, arranged by text message using Gilmore’s personal cellphone, the pair met for sex at Gilmore’s house while the officer was on duty.

The report says the two often exchanged text messages “every few minutes,” including “an enormous amount of texts” during Gilmore’s work hours.

The relationship ended in mid-December, when the woman’s husband discovered the Facebook messages and texts.

The woman told investigators Gilmore sent her a final email asking her not to disclose information. For a while, the woman complied because she did not want to see Gilmore lose his job, she said. But eventually her husband spoke to investigators after confiding in a Spokane police captain he knew, and his wife also agreed to an interview. He and his wife told police they’re reconciling.

In an interview with detectives in late January, Gilmore took responsibility for his actions, saying there was “no excuse” for what he did. He estimated more than five hours of on-patrol time was spent on the various trysts.

At the time of his resignation, Spokane police said in a news release its employees are held to a high standard of conduct.

“Misconduct will not be tolerated as the Spokane  Police Department works to reduce crime and protect the community we serve,” the news release said.

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