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Huckleberries: Idaho gets black eye from NRA’s experiment

Sun., March 16, 2014

Another day. Another bad headline for Idaho, as a result of actions by Gov. Butch Otter and/or his Republican enablers in the Idaho Legislature.

No, Butch Otter isn’t appearing as a celluloid sheriff in another soft-porn movie. Rather he signed a bill passed easily by the GOP-dominated Legislature that allows guns on university campuses. The action earned this headline from e-zine Fiscal Times: “Why you shouldn’t send your child to an Idaho college.” Ouch!

The article continues: “Numerous studies have shown that where there are guns, there are more deaths. Even if a gun owner on campus is responsible, his or her friends, classmates or teachers may not be. Just one drunken brawl or angry exchange could mean unspeakable tragedy, which is why police chiefs and others oppose the measure.”

Idaho legislators, of course, could care less what some Eastern e-zine says about their state. After all, they turned deaf ears to all Idaho college presidents and the police chiefs who opposed this dangerous NRA experiment with college campuses. In Idaho, GOP officeholders have to kowtow to the NRA at election time.

Clothespin Republican

Pledges Joel Kennedy, who like others has affiliated with the Idaho Republican Party to vote in the closed GOPrimary this spring: “As a newly affiliated Idaho Republican, I pledge to vote for the opponent of any candidate who expresses nullificationist/secessionist tendencies. Basically, if you want my vote, just show that you’re a reasonable Republican, and not a TEA Partier/Ronulan (Ron Paul supporter)” … Mike Kennedy (no relation to Joel), another newly minted Republican, was treated to the sight of a GOPrecinct committeeman from the Ron Paul wing of the local GOP pacing and muttering at Costco Wednesday. The Ronulan attracted the attention of other customers, too. Kennedy reports that the man was saying things like: “It’s an assault on the county party!” and “It’s gone too far!” Adds Mike: “I don’t know what the assault is or what constitutes going too far, but I am happy to report that I found the salsa I was looking for and it is spicy – just like the ongoing war in the local county party.”


Poet’s Corner: “She often felt sorrow/that they were not fun days,/for one-seventh of life/is made up of Mondays” – The Bard of Sherman Avenue (“Blue Mondays”) … Poll: 72 percent of my Huckleberries Online blog readers say state Sen. Russ Fulcher hurt his gubernatorial chances by voting to keep his gun perk. Elected officials in Idaho can pack a gun without a concealed weapon permit, unlike their constituents … Idaho House Minority Leader John Rusche, D-Lewiston, was envious of that 42-6 Washington Senate vote to ban most minors from tanning booths. John has run into a roadblock trying to get similar legislation passed in Idaho. Commented he: “Some sorts of policy changes are just a bit harder over here. Of course, some (like pro-gun and anti-gay) are easier.” … A Facebook friend who teaches in Coeur d’Alene wonders if professors can write off the purchase of guns to protect themselves now that people can pack heat on Idaho college campuses. Quoth: “Is it considered a school supply that is not provided by the college?” … Quotable Quote: “I saw a comment somewhere that said I was a RINO (Republican in Name Only) for sure now. I got kind of a chuckle out of that. But to be technically correct, I’m a RAINO. (Rhymes with Drano.) Republican Affiliate in Name Only” – former Democratic county clerk Dan English.

Parting shot

First, you need to know that “Kate,” the bronze statue of a 1920s woman riding her bike, has been recovered after the January theft from Riverstone Park. Now, onward. A Huckleberries Online wag deadpans: “Upon re-installation, they need to let the air out of her tires, just so she never rides off like that again.”

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