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Obama abets thugs

President Obama’s critics on the right should give him credit for supporting coups by fascists in Venezuela and Nazis in Ukraine. His liberal apologists should question their blindness to this constitutional law professor having outdone his predecessor in human rights violations, from those of Guantanamo prisoners to Americans’ privacy. This Nobel Peace Prize winner continues to launch drone bombs at un-adjudicated terrorist victims, American or others, around the world.

Our thugs in Venezuela are organized by rich business interests that haven’t had much electoral success since their failed 2002 coup. They have sabotaged the economy, creating shortages by hoarding basic consumer goods in warehouses and either selling them off in Columbia or simply dumping them across the border.

Our thugs in Ukraine call their opponents Jews, have fire-bombed a synagogue and outlawed Russian as one of the official languages there, where a third of the citizens are native Russian speakers.

Both gangs are following CIA-authored plans that call for creating chaos, killing police and overthrowing democratically elected governments. It should comfort our capitalist class and their flunkies that the bipartisan tradition of American imperialism thrives, in the good hands of the current Wall Street president.

Morton Alexander



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