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Sun., March 16, 2014

Salvatori gesture appreciated

Thank you, Steve Salvatori, for dedicating part of your budget to opening warming shelters and other charitable causes rather than hiring an assistant. It is refreshing to see a politician who is in touch not only with the people who contribute to their campaign, but also to the less fortunate.

Many people don’t understand that the majority of homeless people do not choose that lifestyle, and once you are homeless it is extremely difficult to get back on your feet.

As a victim of domestic violence, my children and I were also homeless, but thanks to a number of generous friends and a very understanding employer, we were not on the streets. Even so, it was a stressful situation trying to keep my children in school and continue working, let alone trying to carry on a normal lifestyle while bouncing from couch to couch and living out of suitcases.

That chapter of my life taught me a lot of things, and one of them is to appreciate the generosity of people like Salvatori.

Debbie Burkett

Spokane Valley

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