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Mon., March 17, 2014

Ukraine is a U.N. issue

I am having a problem understanding this Ukraine situation. President Obama is deeply concerned. Secretary of State John Kerry is deeply concerned. Hillary Clinton (“What difference does it make?”) is deeply concerned. I, too, am deeply concerned, but my concern is why this problem is not being handled by the United Nations. This appears to be a problem that should clearly be handled by the United Nations.

Russian President Vladimir Putin knows we can and will do nothing except try to implement some economic sanctions that we will try to get other countries to join.

Does anyone really think Obama and his crew are capable of doing anything? His flip-flop on Syria, his complete inability to have any idea about what to do about Egypt, the Benghazi debacle, ignoring the plight of the Palestinians under Israeli domination, Attorney General Eric Holder’s missing guns in Mexico, just to name a few of his foreign policy triumphs.

The president should go to the U.N., make a speech, and dump this problem in its lap. Don’t move warplanes or ships into the region. He is just increasing the probability of a larger or very large conflict.

Ronald Garrett

Spokane Valley

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