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MONDAY, MARCH 17, 2014

Who’s the predator?

Idaho Fish and Game, pursuing its policy of extermination of wolves, recently requested $2 million in special funds from the Legislature. Having attempted hunting (aerial and ground), trapping and other methods, the slaughter of wolves has not been politically adequate to meet the goals of this Otter-ly pathetic wildlife management policy.

Now, Fish and Game, in cutting-edge work, is climbing into wolf dens to put custom-made collars with transmitters on wolf pups. Wolf pups are more vulnerable to hunting and trapping during their first year. This work will enable Fish and Game to more efficiently monitor and kill the wolf pups before they become adults.

Refusing to address road densities, habitat loss, over-harvesting and poaching as proven factors reducing elk populations, the wolf has, once again, been demonized by Fish and Game. Wolves are predators and someone put them here (long before their reintroduction) to do their job of culling weak and diseased animals.

It is sad to see that Idaho Fish and Game has become the most voracious and unprincipled predator of them all.

Chuck Sheroke

Coeur d’Alene

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