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Unethical hunting abetted

Idaho Department of Fish and Game has become a one-sided proponent for the elimination of predator services. The unethical, unbalanced and unchecked practices of poaching, baiting, poisoning, and marauding hunters and trappers, who claim this as a way of life in North Idaho, has in many ways been created by the IDFG’s commissioners attitude toward predator species.

IDFG encourages, legally, the unethical baiting permits for predators, which include electronic calls and GPS collars for hounds, all in the name of sportsmanship and commercialism, which equals profit.

The last three years in our area of Priest River, we have seen a decimation of both predator and prey species; specifically, bears and fur-bearing species. Bear carcasses are left behind with teeth, paws and gall bladders gone, legally taken by the IDFG big-game standards.

This is a complete lack of ethical hunting practices.

Tari Bergamo

Priest River


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