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Wed., March 19, 2014

Support urban farming

On March 24, the Spokane City Council will consider an ordinance to regulate urban farming within city limits. As urban farmers, we fully support this effort.

We have raised chickens and bees for three years on our 50-foot-by-180-foot city lot. We also have a large garden. In addition to the obvious benefits of fresh organic eggs, honey and vegetables, urban farming promotes neighborhood camaraderie, which translates into a safer, pleasant place to live. In my neighborhood, we are neighbors in the true sense of the word.

We understand people who might be wary of a farm moving in next door, and appreciate that the city is requiring education and certification of urban farmers. We are already certified beekeepers, and are happy to become certified to keep animals.

We only wish similar requirements were in place for people using chemical fertilizers and pesticides on their property that drift onto our property, adversely affecting our bees and vegetables, not to mention our family’s health.

Give us a fresh egg and chemical-free carrot over a pesticide and fertilized green carpet, and chickens or pygmy goat over yapping dogs any day of the week.

Linda McHenry


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