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Day care comparison flunks

In response to Brett Delegard’s inept March 3 response to teacher salaries, take a look at the following facts:

The Department of Social and Health Services reimburses child day care costs at a rate of $19.57 per day, so 180 days, times 30 students, times $20 equals $108,000 – twice a teacher’s salary. Local day cares charge $200 per week and require one caregiver for 10 children, so 180 days is 36 weeks, 36 weeks times $200, times 30 students equals $216,000, times three because teachers are not limited to 10 students but rather a class size of 30. This equals $648,000 per year.

Don’t forget prep time, meetings, extracurricular activities, fingerprinting, background checks and the ongoing requirements for continuing their education at their own expense.

Time off is well-deserved. Imagine how difficult, frustrating and mentally draining it is to teach 30 of your children while seeing to each one’s personal needs and caring for each child. If you think teachers teach for money, you are sadly mistaken. Teachers deserve our respect and support to accomplish a labor of not only educating but caring and guiding our children to be responsible adults.

John Blair



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