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Sun., March 23, 2014

Follow flag etiquette

I agree with William Robinson (March 8) concerning the lack of respect for our American flag.

I was raised by a mother who was a member of the American Legion Auxiliary and Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary. I still have a leaflet printed by the American Legion in 1942 with etiquette of the American Flag and Cautions, or do-nots. It was first printed by the National Flag Conference, June 14, 1923, and this copy was revised by the 77th Congress, Second Session, as amended by House Joint Resolution 359, December 1942.

I have gone to the site “etiquette of the American flag” on the computer and found there are no paragraphs that contradict the etiquette I have observed in the original code. I have been unable to print the article but did see where the Mexican flag was flown above the American flag.

Aren’t we still proud to be Americans? That to me is respect for our flag.

Virginia Hutsell


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