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Give and Take: Sunday letters

Keep coaches until contract over

Holy Buckets, not again! WSU will gift another failed coach with a million-seven, that’s $1,700,000, to NOT be head coach of the Cougars basketball team. WSU, you may recall, is a state-funded school. This is not a sports issue, it is a taxpayer issue.

Every few years, one of the state colleges gets all excited about their shiny new coach. They offer to pay whatever it takes, and agree to a guaranteed contract, taking all the risk for the taxpayers, while leaving the coach with a nice severance package to soothe his disappointment if the team loses. They’re doing it again. Have a nice vacation, Coach.

There must be an adult in state government who can say to Bill Moos, athletic director at WSU: “No! You cannot have another coach. You have to use the one you have till his contract expires.”

Terry Sawyer


Tend to the serious business, please

I read with disgust, the proposed bill sponsored by Spokane Senator Mike Baumgartner making it mandatory for the Zags to include the Huskies on their basketball schedule every year. Seriously? Republican or Democrat, is this what we’re paying our legislators to do?

Please, let’s all get back to the work at hand. There are plenty of critical issues that need to be discussed and/or compromised on, and competition on the basketball court is not one of them.

John C. Jones


Photo in poor taste

You have done some things in poor taste over the years but your selection of the photo of Ken Bone for today’s (March 19) lead article tops the list. Shame on you. Not funny!

Kerman Love


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