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Sun., March 23, 2014

Help break stereotypes

Regarding Michele Robinson’s March 9 letter, “Brother’s Keeper discriminates,” please consider: Like older generations working to better our environment in ways that directly affect our younger generations, we have an obligation to help all our younger people of all colors to work for a better world.

It is widely known, statistically speaking, in the social sciences and governmental and penal systems research, that young men of any color are the most represented population in jails and prison systems. This does nothing but help give stereotypical perceptions of our young people of color.

The new minority population projected into the next century will be our white people. If President Obama tries to encourage and create new and additional opportunities for our young men of color, then good for him. We have always encouraged our white children with this message; it’s about time this message is given to all our young people. Our young people of any color need healthy role models to see that what may seem impossible is possible for everyone. If we don’t do this, just think how much more anger and violence will lift its head in the future.

Carol Echtenkamp


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