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Sun., March 23, 2014

Just no story here

May I ask what is the purpose of informing the public about a young lady’s obvious poor choice in becoming a pornography worker? Are you trying to embarrass an already worried and shamed family? Are you trying to smear Gonzaga Prep’s reputation? Or are you using this story to scare and maybe inform other young women about mistakes they might make in their lives? Are you trying to insult Catholics? Or are you going for the shock factor in that a Gonzaga Prep student could make such a mistake?

Your article’s first paragraph (and headline) seems to imply that the importance of the story is her graduating from Gonzaga Prep. Why?

It is none of our darn business and does not belong in any newspaper. Doesn’t Jody Lawrence-Turner have more important assignments than this gossip column piece?

Many young people who make very bad decisions come from high schools and/or families in our area. Do we need to make public the schools they attend and other family information? Does it matter what her dad does for a living, or where they live?

We should pray for this family and Miriam, and leave them alone.

Gene Cunneely Jr.


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