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SUNDAY, MARCH 23, 2014

If you followed the news last week, and maybe even if you didn’t, you could be a winner in our weekly news quiz. Warm up your news memory by taking the newspaper version of the quiz, then go to for the online version, where top entries go into a drawing for a $50 gift card to the Davenport Hotel, and all entries go into a drawing for movie tickets.

1. This season, Spokane’s minor-league Class A baseball team will

A. Play its games at Gonzaga’s Patterson Field.

B. Change its team name from Indians to Pioneers.

C. Wear jerseys emblazoned with its team name written in the Spokane Salish language.

D. Play all games during the afternoon.

E. Have a contest to find a new mascot to replace Otto.

2. Lawmakers from Oregon and Idaho are pushing legislation that would allow some of the cost of fighting wildfires to come from the

A. Department of Defense

B. Environmental Protection Agency

C. Federal Emergency Management Agency

D. National Park Service

E. Department of Commerce

3. The Diamond Cup hydroplane races on Lake Coeur d’Alene will

A. Return this year even though all of the bills from last year haven’t been paid.

B. Return this year with all of the bills paid as of last December.

C. Not return this year because of lack of funding

D. Not return this year even though it was profitable last year.

E. Return this year with a smaller class of boats.

4. A Spokane coffee stand that has been hit by a series of robberies has

A. Cut hours of operation to daylight only.

B. Baristas armed with guns.

C. Baristas armed with pepper spray.

D. Installed bulletproof windows.

E. Closed.

5. Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair was sentenced for misusing his authority over a subordinate. He was ordered to

A. Serve five years in jail.

B. Forfeit his retirement benefits.

C. Pay a $100,000 fine.

D. A and C.

E. Forfeit $20,000 and pay restitution for misusing a government credit card.

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Find answers, explanations and last week’s winners on page B7.

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