March 23, 2014 in Features

The Slice: Warm reception could be key to success in Spokane

By The Spokesman-Review

Never rode the school bus? It was fine until the bus’ speed dropped below 50.
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Love and money are important.

But the secret to life in Spokane is having a good relationship with the people who answer the phones at your various doctors’ offices.

If they don’t like you or regard you as a pain, well, good luck.

Just wondering: Is there an identifiable tipping point between “clean, tidy automobile interior” and “starting to resemble a garbage scow”?

Just wondering 2: Does anyone who had a far-away pen pal as a kid still keep in touch with that person?

For those keeping score: Not all men find the whole “man cave” concept appealing.

If you had to guess: Though it is sometimes regarded as a universal experience, some people never rode a school bus as a child.

So it makes you wonder. What do those individuals imagine that it was like?

Here a few guesses. A) Like “The Poseidon Adventure,” only less wet. B) Like that Sandra Bullock movie, “Speed.” C) Like that one scene in 1993’s “The Fugitive.” D) Like riding in a vehicle driven by Otto from “The Simpsons.” E) “Lord of the Flies.” F) Like a prison movie. G) Like one of the “Porky’s” movies. H) “Portnoy’s Complaint.” I) “Children of the Corn.” J) Other.

Slice answer: “Complaining about rain in Spokane is like complaining about stuffing in turkey,” wrote May Cotton.

Today’s Slice question: One day last week, I posted on The Slice Blog some high school yearbook photos from 50 years ago that showed popular girls’ hair styles of that era.

Anyway, the young ladies in question had been honored with titles such as “Basketball Queen” and “Baseball Queen.”

I guess that would have been like being crowned “Homecoming Queen,” only not quite so royal.

One of my readers had a hard time making out the blurry type and thought one of the girls had been designated “Truck Queen.”

He soon realized it was “Track Queen.”

But what if that school had actually had a Truck Queen?

What would have been her duties and responsibilities?

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