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Sun., March 23, 2014

This pond is a wonder

Cannon Hill Pond is not just a scenic home for small fish, turtles and frogs. For years, a large blue heron has spent mornings and evenings hunting in the shoreline reeds, where redwing blackbirds also nest. At least three wild species of migratory ducks stop over both spring and fall. Most every year at least one if not three or four mallards raise their families there.

In past years, when larger fish lived in the pond, young ospreys were taught to catch them. The osprey family still meets up, calling and dancing with one another in the spring. Swallows catch insects that breed in the pond when they raise their young in the neighborhood. People photograph the pond in every season, while others practice casting fly-fishing lines, and dragonflies fill the air above the pond at dusk.

The ice hosts both skaters and hockey players in the winter.

Carrie Anderson


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