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Uninsured drivers a scourge

For the second time in less than a year, we are enduring the costs of yet another criminal element of the driving world; that is the uninsured driver.

You know the type I refer to. They demand their right to drive, but absolve themselves of responsibility or accountability by not having insurance. Their idea of responsibility is the hope that everyone has the sense to stay out of their way, should they disregard the law.

It appears that all the victim is entitled to is an “I’m sorry” as they drive away.

That’s when you learn the uninsured motorist coverage you pay for isn’t for when they hit you, but when you hit them.

This is another crime that leaves the victims without much justice or recourse. Apparently, the uninsured drivers only care about their right to drive. Forget any responsibility for their victims, or for their actions.

How is this right, when the law requires one to be insured to drive? Maybe it’s time to start jailing uninsured drivers. Or they lose their car.


Julia Mullen



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