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Tue., March 25, 2014

Not for the money

Brett Delegard’s (March 3) numbers do not match facts. What is his purpose when he complains about how teachers work minimal hours for too much pay?

When I became a teacher, it wasn’t until my 17th year of teaching that my annual salary matched my last year – my 15th year – in my previous career.

None of us teach for the money or the days off. I have never met a teacher who was in it for the money and the time off. Our reasons for teaching begin and end with the names and faces of each student.

Delegard would have readers believe that teachers spend time goofing off in the summer and winter. And yet, every teacher spends hours in training, getting better as teachers – paid for with our own funds. Some of it is required to keep our certificates but, mostly, we pay to work without pay because we are in search of practical ideas that will allow us to reach a student whom we feel we have missed.

Let me assure you: We don’t do it for the money.

Mike Page

Nine Mile Falls

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