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Tue., March 25, 2014, midnight

Pricing solves shortages

We have the White House and the Democratic Party trying to shift the news media away from their most recent problems.

We had warm weather, drought, electricity shortages and petroleum shortages for many years. Think back to the 1970s, with California talking about running a pipeline from the Columbia River, lines at the gas pump and room temperatures at 62 degrees in schools and government buildings. Also, we need to remember rationing during World War II.

We would have enough petroleum if President Obama would approve the Keystone XL pipeline. The electricity and the water problems can be solved by doing rationing by cost or relaxing Environmental Protection Agency rules on pollution.

Most people will wake up if you smack them in the pocket book.

Raising gasoline prices in the past has caused people to drive less, share rides and use public transportation. Why haven’t we tried the same thing with water and electricity? Both are either on meters already, or it would be simple to put them on meters.

Allow each customer a reasonable amount at a reasonable price, and then sharply raise the prices. Other countries have faced problems and solved them. Why can’t we?

Gerald Ray


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