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In brief: Stevens County detective tells KHQ he returned fire in shooting

Thu., March 27, 2014

Stevens County detective Dwayne Johnson told a television station that he returned fire Tuesday night after a man opened fire on him near the isolated community of Rice. Johnson ran for his life, dodging shotgun blasts, he said. He returned fire and killed the man.

Johnson spoke with KHQ on Wednesday after he was released from a hospital, where he was treated for shotgun pellet wounds to one ear and his left hand.

Johnson reported that he was fired on by a man with a shotgun several times when he responded to a neighbor’s home where someone was trying to kick in their door.

“I think he actually shot through the door of the house as well,” said Stevens County Sheriff Kendle Allen. “He was known to them. I’m not sure how well, but they did know him. We’re in a quandary about why he was there. Obviously, he was upset about something.”

Nina Culver

Man arrested in alleged threats to lawmaker

A 40-year-old Spokane man was arrested late Monday after Washington state Rep. Kevin Parker reported threatening voicemails left on his office phone.

Joseph Michael Vannett faces one count of telephone harassment with threats to kill. Parker, a Republican, gave police voicemail recordings in which Vannett identifies himself and his address.

Vannett told police he was upset about a voicemail Parker left on his home phone. Parker told police his office makes automated calls, but hadn’t done so in at least a month.

Vannett has no felony criminal history in Spokane. At a hearing Tuesday, a judge said Vannett has “mental health issues” and was previously charged with making a bomb threat.

Kip Hill

Judge restores aid to disabled Idahoans

BOISE – A U.S. District Court judge issued an injunction this week to halt deep cuts to Medicaid and restore about $16 million in assistance to Idaho’s developmentally delayed adults.

The injunction applies to everyone who goes through Medicaid’s individual budgeting process for adults with developmental disabilities in Idaho.

Those people will return to the highest level of funding they have received since July 1, 2011.

Associated Press

The lead brief has been changed from its print version. It originally said Johnson told KHQ that he shot and killed a man, but more accurately, Johnson said that he returned fire when fired upon.


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