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Fri., March 28, 2014

Double parking standard

It was one of those unfortunate times when one has to travel to Spokane International Airport to pick up one’s wife. Having left 15 minutes later than expected, I found myself 20 minutes early due to light traffic, and waited in a passenger loading zone, paying attention to the posted sign about not being able to leave your vehicle.

This, on a previous occasion, got me a hefty fine. While sitting there, I noticed a police car parked on the other side of the pedestrian walkway in front of my car, in a bus parking and unloading only zone. Must have been a police emergency somewhere; they wouldn’t just unknowingly break the law? Forward was another police car above the bus zone, parked in either a yellow over red curb zone or red over yellow, hard to tell. I surmised it must again be a police emergency; terrorist, no doubt.

Sitting there watching, three or four buses and shuttles arrived, double parking in the traffic lane to on- and off-load passengers. You or I, if we did a traffic infraction like this, would still be explaining this to the judge. It could only have been caused by an emergency.

Ed Whitson


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