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Hydroplane races a danger

I read in the March 20 Spokesman-Review that in late August Lake Coeur d’Alene again will hear the roar of hydroplane racers. While I can admit these races are exciting, does anyone want their young child to see someone die when one of these very dangerous machines crashes?

And it’s not a matter of if with these over-powered watercraft. Barely a race goes by without at least one of them literally flying out of control. And it’s not always just the drivers who are injured or killed. Too often these turbine-powered race boats take out a dozen or two spectators. And if you enjoy a peaceful visit to the lake, you can forget it when these things are tearing down the waves full power.

I know I’m bucking the popularity these events have with racing fans, but I vote no on continuing these events. Coeur d’Alene would be just fine without them.

Steve Barber



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