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The Slice: Duck pond installed upon delivery

I’m sure that I am not the first to have this thought.

More than a few local parks have names that would sound good if attached to cars or SUVs.

Am I right?

“Test drive the all-new Ford Manito today, and step into the spirit of tomorrow.”

See what I mean?

I’m sure you do. In fact, I would invite you to come up with slogans for any or all of the following theoretical vehicles named after local parks: Minnehaha, Mission, Chief Garry, Meadowglen, Sky Prairie, Loma Vista, Harmon-Shipley, Wildhorse, Edwidge Woldson, Liberty, Grant, Comstock, Cannon Hill, Ben Burr, Thornton Murphy, Legacy, Tubbs Hill … or any other area park you wish to choose.

There could be a coveted reporter’s notebook in it for you.

Bonus points to the reader who comes up with the best use of the name of a local elementary school as a potential brand of deodorant.

Just wondering: What is your personal record for checking the spelling of someone’s name?

(I once was writing a newspaper story that included a quote from a woman whose first name was Peachola. I think I called her back three times to make sure I had heard that correctly.)

Ranking the planets: The Slice is not going to wait for Earth Day this year.

9. Pluto: Cast out of the league of planets, it has struggled to retain credibility.

8. Uranus: Remains the favorite of third-graders, but is that enough?

7. Mercury: Hey, I’ve got your global warming right here.

6. Saturn: Weak non-conference schedule.

5. Venus: Zero sweet corn.

4. Neptune: Solid body of work.

3. Mars: “Hey, Red!”

2. Jupiter: Tough against the run.

1. Earth: Still has cutest babies, best tacos and hardest working grandparents.

Warm-up question: If there was a Drive Your Car to Work Week in Spokane and Coeur d’Alene, what would be some of the celebrations and special activities?

Today’s Slice question: How would life as we know it have been different in the Spokane area if, instead of being a flying squirrel, Bullwinkle’s cartoon pal Rocky had been a marmot?

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