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Teachers pulled along

We’ve heard from every quarter on the subject of teachers salaries. Everyone’s extrapolating, multiplying, etc.

First of all: Stop. As the story goes, you became a teacher because you saw summers off, no physical work, and now you’re stuck. I’m sure there is some of that going on, but now teachers are not just educators. They are forced to start their day by being social workers, disciplinarians, counselors, and even breakfast providers before they get into the classroom because parents won’t try anymore. Their job description has become so muddled, they have no control. They are being pulled along in the current with all of us.

They, as the laborers of their profession, are forced to rely on unions because without them they haven’t a voice. They are not making the decisions that turn our stomachs. Never look to the workers for policy explanations. It is for the administration to explain why their policies are not joyously received, and funded, by the public.

Michael Wiman

Deer Park


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