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Mon., March 31, 2014

Need sober protectors

Last year, when Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state, visited Colombia, some Secret Service agents supposedly protecting her imbibed in too much booze, and bedded down with prostitutes.

It was suggested then by the director of Homeland Security that chaperones be sent on future trips to keep an eye on the wandering agents. My feelings then were, who was going to shadow the chaperones to monitor their behavior? How many people in the entourage do we need to babysit folks with the highest United States security clearance possible?

Last week, on President Obama’s trip to the Netherlands, three agents are sent back to the U.S. for getting bombed on liquor. One was found passed out in front of his hotel room door. Not only is this an embarrassment for our nation, but it opens up the door for enemies to get close to these misbehaving agents. These men are the closest people to the president and others in power.

Secret Service agents know the moves of the president, and they carry arms. Stay away from the gin bottle, boys.

Jock Swanstrom

Spokane Valley

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