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Thu., May 1, 2014, midnight

Obama visit politicized

In response to two recent letters regarding President Obama’s visit to the mudslide in the Oso area: I disagree with both.

Dave Darlow (April 12) and Jim Cole (April 13) seem to think that the president’s visit was just political and that the money it cost should’ve been spent in other ways. To this I say, a visit to the survivors, relatives, friends, and to those who are continuing with the recovery process showed not only our president, but all Americans care and grieved for them and with them.

If not just for the morale boost, the cost was well worth the trip. Yes, his physical presence absolutely did good for those still hurting and still helping. There are many reasons that politicians visit disaster areas.

If it was Republican President George W. Bush instead of Democrat Barack Obama, Cole and Darlow would’ve likely praised the visit. It only shows how biased some people can be in trying to put a negative spin on any and everything our president does.

I am not so naive to think that these types of visits aren’t partially politically motivated, and if Mitt Romney were our president, he would’ve, without a doubt, have visited the Oso area. Cole and Darlow should get off of their conservative political high horses and stop criticizing Obama for doing what any Republican would’ve done in the same situation.

Tom Johnson

Spokane Valley

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