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Feedback: Bloomies love finish line, sidelines

In honor of the 38th running of Bloomsday this Sunday, we asked our Facebook friends for their favorite section of the race. Here’s a sampling of their responses:

Shelley S Warner

Where ever you hear the music is motivating and the route shows off the many wonderful attributes of my home town. For me, there is nothing like coming into the homestretch and crossing the finish line.

Maxine Young Marshall

The homestretch when you realize you made it yet another year! And the beginning anticipation! And I guess everything in between …

Kathleen Ann Duchow

After surviving Doomsday … I think of it every day as I walk the hills on our ranch in “training”! I only walked Bloomsday one other time, and it was pretty wonderful to cross the finish line to the cheers of family AND strangers!

Pam Doyon

Riverside beginning and everything after “the Hill”…

Bill Dobner

Doomsday Hill, running past the Hilderman’s Hideaway.

Anne Handler

I want to applaud all the teachers who are running after school training for kids to get involved in something exciting. Think of the wonderful anticipation they must be feeling at having a great event about to happen in their young lives. Thanks a bunch, teachers! You’re awesome!

Angelene Fredericksen

Doomsday Hill. I’ve run this race five times. Love it. My kids run it too.

Tammy Carlson Tokas

The side of the road watching …

Jessica Hicks

The area by SFCC as you go up the incline and see Doomsday Hill and get a great picture of just how many people are doing the race.

Laurel Henderson

The buzzard on Doomsday Hill aka vulture! Because he’s awesome and he is my dad.

Brandon Hinds

The couch?

Lara Jones

Right after Doomsday Hill, because it’s over and you feel like you’re on the home stretch now!