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Fri., May 2, 2014

Perfect mauling machines

I read the April 22 letter from Jennifer Ward concerning pit bulls and just had to respond. There’s bad publicity and then there’s facts, all sentimentality aside.

Fact: There were more than 90 pit bull attacks reported in the Spokane area this past year. The breed that came in at a distant second was a pit bull cross. Bottom line: There are bad owners with every kind of dog on planet Earth, but there’s nothing quite like the combination of bad owner and pit bull.

With jaws designed like a steel trap and a certain kind of mental wiring whereby they occasionally go berserk (and no doubt about it, when a pit bull’s “in the zone” forget about it!), they’re like the perfect mauling machine. Personally, I think those cute little buggers should be registered just like guns, where if you’re a felon you can’t legally own one.

It could only help. Anything helps!

Doug MacKenzie


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