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Freemen freeloaders, too

I concur with Donald Lamp and Hope Roszell, whose letters appeared with Joe Heller’s timely cartoon on the April 25 opinion page.

Cliven Bundy reminds me of a group calling themselves “Freemen” that staked out a claim in central Montana some years ago. These Freemen railed against government intrusion while helping themselves to electricity provided by the local cooperative. They surrendered only after law enforcement officials cut off the power, and Montana’s winter did the rest.

Likewise, federal officials in Nevada wisely prevented another Ruby Ridge incident by stepping back and avoiding an armed confrontation. Let the Internal Revenue Service put tax liens on Bundy’s property, and his advancing age will do the rest.

Bundy and his sympathizers are like little boys playing army – but a lot more dangerous. They certainly aren’t patriots, just sorry anarchists who fancy themselves as free. Freeloaders, maybe.

John Feathers



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