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Jim Kershner’s this day in history

From our archives, 100 years ago

A mob of 200 college students and Pullman town boys forced their way into the Pullman Theater, ejected a singing group called the Washington Trio, and forced them to sing in the street.

One member of the singing group was injured when he was shoved off the stage into the orchestra pit.

The mob entered through a side door during the performance. One singer ran from the theater and took refuge in a candy store, and the other two were “forcibly escorted” from the building.

The mob “captured” the singer in the candy store “and forced him to sing a solo, after which the entire trio complied with the demands of the mob by singing a trio number.”

“The indignant singers were forced to give nine ‘rahs’ for Pullman, after which they were allowed to go their own way.”

The story did not explain the reasons for this bizarre assault, except to say that on several previous occasions “mobs have entered the theaters and occupied free seats.” Usually, however, they did not actually break up the performances.

Officials from Pullman and Washington State College were “indignant” over the incident and promised to make an example of the case. They knew the names of many of the boys.