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The real terrorists

Concerning Sen. Harry Reid referring to those who supported rancher Cliven Bundy as domestic terrorists, I see these folks as national heroes our Founding Fathers would have been proud of.

Is the argument Bundy has attempted to sell to the courts and the public 100 percent solid? I doubt it. Is Bundy a nice guy? I don’t know. However, since the Bureau of Land Management has now decided to handle the conflict in an administrative/judicial manner, this indicates the administrative/judicial option may have been available to the BLM from the beginning. If so, why the government’s heavy-handed approach with automatic weapons, snipers and helicopters?

The question for Reid: “Sir, during the American Revolution, had the colonists failed in their attempt to overthrow the tyrannical control of Great Britain, would you refer to them as terrorists?”

The label “domestic terrorists” should be bestowed upon the United States government.

Charles Delgado



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