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The Slice: Push it this weekend, unless it’s snooze

The earlier sunrises prod us with weekend questions.

Should you get up, get going and get things done?

Or should you pull the covers up over your head and stay put until you smell bacon?

It’s your call, of course. But remember. Spokane wasn’t built by people who stayed in bed.

It was built by men and women who wanted a better life than the one they had known back East.

And I don’t suppose the Indians who were already here made a habit of sleeping in either.

Just wondering: Can you wink?

Many assume it is a universal ability. It is not.

Some poor souls have a difficult time blinking just one eyelid. Their attempts to wink come off looking like a strange quasi-grimace or the sudden onset of a headache. As a result, something gets lost in translation. Well, a lot actually.

There are all kinds of winks. But if you can’t really do it or at least not do it well, it doesn’t matter what message you are trying to send. It just looks like you are afflicted with a twitch.

Slice answer: In the matter of how often you arrive at your place of employment and are presented with some crisis before you even get to your office or work station, high school teacher Chris McConnell didn’t have to think a long time before answering.

“Every single day,” he said.

Being called “Hon”: “I am 58 years old (been told by others that I look quite a bit younger) and I don’t mind ‘Hon,’ ” wrote Sheri McEachran. “But ‘ma’am’ makes me feel ancient. And I have no idea how to convey this to the nice young people (Ha! Doesn’t that make me sound old?) who are being ‘respectful.’ In Hawaii, the locals call older women ‘auntie,’ which I prefer to ma’am. Aack!”

Warm-up question: How many Spokane area teachers have taught two generations of the same family? Have any taught three?

Today’s Slice question: Who is the Inland Northwest’s biggest mosquitoes snob?

You know. “You call this a mosquito problem? Why, this is nothing. When I lived back in …”

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