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Mon., May 5, 2014

Unfair to teachers

The editorial “Schools will feel pinch of inaction by legislators,” (The Spokesman-Review, April 25) argues that it was a mistake for Washington’s legislators not to pass a law requiring teachers to be evaluated based on student test results. I am always surprised to hear this argument.

How can teachers carry the full responsibility for their students’ test scores given these variables: Did the student have a place to sleep the night before the test? Has the student had enough nutrition to do their best on the test? Is the student distracted by a problem at home or at school? Is there any support from parents for the student to succeed in school? Has the student chosen to try to learn anything? Is the student willing to try to do well on the test, let alone try to answer any questions correctly? Finally, is the test even an accurate indication of the students’ learning?

Of course every step should be taken to ensure all of our teachers are doing their best to help our students learn, but given these variables to test results, is it fair to place all of the onus for good test results on the teacher?

Amy McGarry

Spokane Valley

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