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Tue., May 6, 2014

Find a real Republican

I checked the Internet for the latest news. I was surprised to discover that our Republican 5th Congressional District Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers dominated the headline, waving the white flag on amnesty.

Three hundred fifty-plus delegates had put in a long day hammering out a party platform only to be blindsided at the end of the day on the issue of immigration. Already, with her attitude toward Obamacare, I had decided that McMorris Rodgers was akin to the stepmother about whom we have always been apprehensive.

Now, it seems she is treating those of us in the party base like we are Cinderella. I am going to suggest that local Republicans support the Democratic candidate this fall, and we can spend the next two years searching for a worthy replacement for this important position.

The House of Representatives looks pretty solidly Republican this fall, so we can afford one seat for two years. That will give us a chance to get ready for 2016.

H. Kim Mangis

Medical Lake

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