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Thu., May 8, 2014, midnight

Handouts to the rich

After another of Mona Charen’s irresponsible columns, this one titled “Combat poverty with jobs” (April 29), it’s amazing that The Spokesman-Review people haven’t become so embarrassed that they would dump this Democrat hater and find a conservative writer who realistically deals with the issues.

As for jobs, employers will not provide goods and/or services when a huge portion of the citizens can barely scratch up enough cash to pay for the necessities. Remember that the Great Recession started on President George W. Bush’s watch while we were fighting an expensive war that he started, and while the Wall Street mob were busily pedaling junk mortgages due to lack of regulations.

As for drooling over the fortunes of the Koch brothers and others, those fortunes were acquired through the largesse of the Congress that they bought; lack of policies that allow those boys to not pay their fair share, paying them for materials to fight permanent wars and for massive subsidies to the rich.

And then Mona squawks about government handouts to the poor who cannot find a decent job.

Joseph Wythe


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