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The Slice: Readers offer their two scents

Paul Turner, Spokesman-Review columnist. (The Spokesman-Review)

You might want to stand back.

I am about to dump out the Slice mailbag.

Wade Griffith weighed in on the accuracy of that campfire scene in “Blazing Saddles,” noting that its realism can be vouched for by “Anyone who has ever fed Boy Scouts chili on a camping trip.”

Among those who have spent time in places with real mosquito issues are Jack Thompson (Alaska), Rose Post (northern Minnesota), and Howard Wilcox (Wisconsin).

Ken Stout said his wife, Kathy, has been cutting his hair so long he cannot remember the last time he went to a barber.

Peggy Jeremiah and Patricia Sexton were among the teachers who told of having students who were the children of pupils they had taught years before.

On another topic, Jon Coffin said he wasn’t sure his extended family would go for a gathering called Coffinfest.

But Karen Botker said Botkerfest sounds like an October event featuring lots of beer drinking.

Conrad March thinks Marchfest seems promising.

And Cathy Foote noted that if her family applied that naming convention, they would celebrate Footefest.

Holly Bickford and John McNamara were among the Slice readers who told about family pets that shed like crazy. “Mocha lost her body weight weekly in fine hair,” said McNamara.

In the matter of overcoming a language barrier, Amy McGarry was in Morocco and did not understand what her 4-year-old niece was saying in Arabic. So McGarry started cheerfully replying with statements such as “You think I’m the best aunt in the world?” and “You think I’m simply the most lovely American you’ve ever encountered?” which seemed to be OK with the little girl.

And quite a few readers had ideas about TV-viewing marathons that might help pass the time if they were convalescing. Here’s a sampling.

“Downton Abbey.” – Gini Burns, Jeanne Kalbfleisch

“Northern Exposure” – Sue Hicks

“Blackadder” – Julie Lehman

“Mystery Science Theater 3000” – Pete Wood

“Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In” – Gary W. Smith

“Barney Miller,” “WKRP in Cincinnati” or “The Sopranos” – Jeri Hershberger

“Carol Burnett” and “Ed Sullivan” – Jerry Hargitt

“The Twilight Zone” – Janet Culbertson

“Scandal” – Betsy Lawrence

Today’s Slice question: Anyone ever think you were crying when it was just allergies making your eyes water?

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