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Sun., May 11, 2014

GOP’s selective outrage

Republicans and Fox News seem bound and determined to continue their outrage over the unfortunate incident that caused the loss of four lives at Benghazi, Libya. But where is the outrage over the cooked intelligence that got us into the Iraq war? Who can forget the aluminum tubes, the yellowcake uranium, the mobile chemical weapons labs and weapons of mass destruction, all of which turned out to be a huge load of baloney.

Where is the outrage over the loss of thousands of lives, billions of dollars, and the thousands more young American servicemen and women who came home missing limbs or with traumatic brain injury? Where is the outrage over the subprime financial fiasco of 2008 in which thousands lost their homes and their retirement savings, and the country went into a deep recession?

It seems the Republicans are very selective on what causes their outrage. Come on, Republicans, stand up and show your true colors, like your hero Cliven Bundy, and admit that you just can’t stand the fact that a black man got himself elected president, a position that has been reserved for white guys ever since our country was founded.

Rick Johnson


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