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Jim Kershner’s this day in history

Sun., May 11, 2014

From our archives, 100 years ago

Little Arthur Howell, 8, disappeared from the Washington Home Finding Society, a kind of orphanage or foster home.

Then he experienced more than two days of adventure. He “walked miles, made many new acquaintances and played happily.”

On the first day, he made his way to the home of I.X. Lee and told Lee he was the guest of a neighbor. He played with the children of the neighborhood. When Lee said it was time for Arthur to return to the neighbor’s house, the boy left without complaint.

Apparently, he spent the night in a barrel. He came back to Lee’s house the next day and played with the children of the neighborhood. Again, he spent the next night in a barrel.

When he came back the third day, Mr. Lee had seen a story in the paper about a missing boy. He questioned Arthur, who admitted that he was indeed the missing boy.

Arthur was returned to the Washington Home Finding Society. The wife of the superintendent said she would not spank Arthur, for two reasons. First, she did not believe in that kind of punishment.

Second, “Arthur has never had much of a chance in life.”

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(From the Associated Press)

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