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Sun., May 11, 2014, midnight

Silencing conservatives

I read with interest Joseph Wythe’s May 8 diatribe regarding Mona Charen’s columns, and observe that he proposes the tired old liberal solution to any opinion other than their own, i.e., “… dump this Democrat hater and find a conservative writer who realistically deals with the issues.”

In reality, what he’s saying is get someone who agrees with his position, which no truly conservative writer is likely to do.

Furthermore, the continual dredging up of the Koch brothers and their supposedly ill-gotten gain, while overlooking such liberal donors like George Soros, is patently unfair, and a Sen. Harry Reid tactic to divert folks from looking at the real issues.

Wythe and his ilk would silence any view contrary to their own. For them, free speech and tolerance are fine as long as they are in lockstep with his particular biases, which apparently are the only realistic solutions to the problems we face.

Good luck finding a conservative columnist who will meet his criteria.

David Rachoy


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