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Be considerate of neighbors

Considering that I and over 100 elderly and younger disabled people live a mere block west of Hamilton on Mission, the thought of a drive-through-only fast food establishment frightens me. Doesn’t the number of those folks who use canes, walkers and wheelchairs speak loudly to the fact that eateries, be they sit down or walk up, must accommodate not only the young college population, but also those disabled by age, accident or illness. Really, aren’t there some laws related to public buildings and the disabled?

There was a time I truly believed people ran for public office because they wanted to help and support the constituents of their state or local community. Thank goodness, there are still a few with this desire, as evidenced by the humanity in Councilwoman Amber Waldref and Sen. Andy Billig in their recent editorial. Thank you Amber and Andy.

McDonald’s, please reconsider a sensitive approach to your future neighbors.

Julie Wokasch



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