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Tue., May 13, 2014

Gun grabbers revealed

The Marxist-left and anti-gun lobby has finally come out of the closet.

In an editorial titled “Common sense calls for repeal of Second Amendment,” Jerry Large of the Seattle Times says that it’s time to remove the Second Amendment from the Constitution.

For years I’ve warned that the anti-gun lobby’s ultimate goal is to totally disarm the American people and to erase the Second Amendment. For my efforts, I’ve been scorned, ridiculed and told that I’m paranoid and delusional. After Large’s revelation, I rest my case.

Speaking of civilian disarmament, Initiative 594, being extolled by our regional useful idiots is just another stepping stone toward the gun ban lobby’s final solution of a total ban on civilian-owned guns. Hailed as “reasonable” and “common sense,” I-594 is just another repressive gun measure that will only affect the law-abiding.

Now, finally, we know what the anti-gun lobby’s agenda really is.

Curt Stone


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