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Fri., May 16, 2014

Wilson a solid alternative

I read with great interest the letters to the editor in the May 6 Spokesman-Review. Two letters called for Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers to move on, with one letter suggesting that Republicans vote for the Democratic candidate while spending the next two years looking for a replacement.

May I suggest an alternative? For those of us who believe that McMorris Rodgers has become part of the problem with Washington, D.C., check out Dave is running as an independent, and, if you’ll invest a bit of your time in listening to his message, I believe you’ll come away realizing there is an alternative to McMorris Rodgers, one who will not require spending the next two years looking for a replacement!

Dave has started, built and run his own business in Spokane. He has created jobs, made payroll and paid taxes. He understands that the recent government shutdown and subsequent gridlock in Washington cannot continue.

Rather than just complain about McMorris Rodgers and the role she plays in the gridlock that affects us all, check out Dave Wilson for Congress. I’m confident you’ll like what you see and what you hear.

Larry Martin


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