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Dixon the true conservative

Sage Dixon has my vote. My wife and I have gotten to know Dixon and his wife, Veronica, well over the past four months. We hold them in high regard as a couple, as a family unit with their kids, and as individuals.

They are incredible role models for our community in every way: how they raise their children, their high moral standards, their love for God, their involvement in their community and their genuine concern for our future.

Dixon works hard to make a living in the real world and is not a career politician. Today, it seems most people go into politics for personal gain: regular politicians. Dixon, on the other hand, is a statesman, meaning he will do what is good for our state and represent us well regardless of what lobbyists try to do. He will put our concerns ahead of his wallet and do what is right every time. Of this, I am certain.

Dixon is the conservative candidate for this seat. The incumbent has proven himself to be a Republican in name only. It is Sage Dixon who embodies the conservative values we share in North Idaho. Sage Dixon is the statesman we need in Boise.

Michael Rosedale

Sagle, Idaho


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