May 17, 2014 in Letters, Opinion

What about Spokane VA?


After my private health insurance was discontinued, I enrolled in the Spokane Veterans Administration Hospital for medical coverage. Since I served more than 20 years on active duty as an enlisted man, and then as a commissioned officer, the VA hospital was supposed to be one of my earned benefits. I am also a Gulf War veteran.

I was on a waiting list two years before the VA would accept my enrollment and assign me a doctor. During those two years of waiting, I had to worry about any health care issues that I might experience while waiting to see a doctor. Fortunately, I had no issues then and I have no health issues now.

But it makes me wonder whether other veterans who do have health issues had to wait two years for enrollment, too. Since Sharon Helman, from the Phoenix VA hospital, used to be the director of the Spokane VA hospital, I also wonder if she learned the practice of “waiting lists” while in Spokane.

All of our veterans were a valued resource when they served our country, and they are still a valued resource to our country. Someone needs to look into the Spokane VA hospital.

Mike Brunson, Captain,

USAF (Ret.)

Springdale, Wash.

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