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Sun., May 18, 2014, midnight

If you followed the news last week, and maybe even if you didn’t, you could be a winner in our weekly news quiz. Warm up your news memory by taking the newspaper version of the quiz, then go to for the online version, where top entries go into a drawing for a $50 gift card to the Davenport Hotel, and all entries go into a drawing for movie tickets.

1. Making use of the region’s cheap electricity, an auto company will soon have the world’s largest carbon fiber production plant, according to an official leading the project. Which company is it?

A. Chevrolet


C. Toyota

D. Subaru

E. Tesla

2. Five people in Eastern Washington are to be tried in court for violating federal marijuana laws. What has the judge in the case prohibited the defendants from mentioning in the trial?

A. The reported medicinal benefits of pot

B. The use of pot in some spiritual ceremonies

C. That they were obeying state laws regarding medical marijuana

D. That they have no prior convictions

E. That two of them are related to the judge

3. WSU’s track and field coach is retiring after 41 years with the program. What is his name?

A. John Chaplain

B. Rick Sloan

C. George Sampson

D. Ken Walton

E. Emerson Johnson

4. Years after the Great Recession ended, employment in Washington state

A. Is woefully lower than pre-recession levels

B. Is about 5 percent behind pre-recession levels

C. Has pulled even with employment before the recession

D. Has gained back the jobs lost and is adding more jobs each month

E. Is hard to compare to pre-recession levels because of new reporting methods

5. A federal judge considering Idaho’s ban on gay marriage did what?

A. Overturned the ban

B. Upheld the ban

C. Took the matter under advisement

D. Said the federal court had no jurisdiction in the matter

E. Ruled that civil unions are legal but not marriage

Check your work

Find answers, explanations and last week’s winners on Page B7.

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