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The Slice: Regarding pit stops, choose No. 1 or No. 2

SUNDAY, MAY 18, 2014

Parenting has changed.

For evidence, just consider how restroom-break negotiations on long car trips have evolved over the years.

Here are a few examples of parental responses to back-seat demands for a pit stop.

Then: “Just hold it. There’s a rest area in 90 miles.”

Now: “OK, honey. First place we see.”

Then: “You’ll just have to wait till we get gas.”

Now: “OK, honey. Right away.”

Then: “Here. Go in this pop bottle.”

Now: “OK, honey. I’ll pull over.”

Then: “Already? No way. We’re making good time.”

Now: “OK, honey. Soon as we can.”

Then: “Try not to think about it.”

Now: “OK, honey. I shouldn’t have let you have that 64-ounce Godzilla Gulp.”

Then: “You should have thought of that before we left home.”

Now: “OK, honey. Next exit.”

Then: “Tough it out until we get to Montana. Builds character.”

Which approach is better? You make the call.

And if neither version reflects your reality, feel free to weigh in.

Replying to someone asking if Spokane is a good place to live: “There is an old proverb to answer this,” wrote Doug Sather.

“How did you like the place you lived before? If the people were bad and services poor, you will find it the same here.

“If the people were wonderful and full of joy and helpful and the services were beyond compare, you will find the same here.

“It all lies within the people to find what and who is good.”

Bob Wilson would answer this way. “Spokane is not like Seattle. Keep an open mind and buy yourself some good tires.”

Bill Tracy said he would tell the person asking about Spokane that it is big enough to offer a variety of cultural attractions and “Small enough that, when you go out, you almost always run into friends.”

Warm-up question: Is there any way to let kids smoking cigarettes know how ridiculous they look?

Today’s Slice question: Where do Idahoans alienated by the Gem State’s prevailing political culture draw the line when it comes to putting up with Washington residents engaging in Idaho-bashing?

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