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The Slice: You never know who’s watching

Thu., May 22, 2014

If Spokane had paparazzi obsessed with you, where would they most likely hound you?

At the grocery store? At kids’ soccer? At the gas station? At your child’s school? While you were walking the dog? When you stepped out the front door in your jammies to pick up the morning paper? Working in your garden? At the gym? Sipping a cold beverage on your deck? Washing your car? Mowing the lawn? At a yard sale? Staggering out of a limo in a drunken stupor? Other?

Re: What we learned about life from a pet: “Our Maltese hound taught us that every day is a joyous occasion,” said Bill Zales.

Melanie Johnson wrote, “My golden retriever, Phoebe, taught me to always play and allow your tummy to be scratched.”

Bruce Werner learned this: “Stare as much as you like, but humans cannot move sheep by giving them the ‘eye’ like herding dogs.”

Then there was this from Gisela Dalke.

“Until last June I had an older orange tabby cat. When he came to us he was nervous and never liked attention or to be petted, nor would he play. When he was 13 years old, he got sick and I thought he was going to die. However, he lived that way for three years. He looked not well at all. But once he was in that state, he began to play and seek out attention. He loved to be petted and was constantly seeking out a lap or just plain attention, even from strangers.”

Though sickly looking and in poor health, this cat had changed in another way.

“The lesson I learned from him was that no matter how bad off you are, you can still discover the good things in life and enjoy them.”

Road trip mistake: When loading up the car before a long drive, Maria Washington’s family once mistook a container of donation items for the container of sandwiches and snacks. “When we stopped to picnic we found clothing and toys, not sandwiches.”

But because an ice pack and been tossed in on top of them, the donation items were nice and cool.

Today’s Slice question: If you really put your mind to it, what could you accomplish between Memorial Day and Labor Day?

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