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Executions are uncivilized

Unlike Kathleen Parker, who on May 11 wrote, “When Lady Justice takes a count of bleeding hearts outside the execution chamber, she won’t find mine among them,” my heart bleeds for each and every life unnecessarily taken by any form of violence, whether it be by my government or an individual, and for all the families involved.

The recent botched execution in Oklahoma is just one of the many examples of why it is time to do away with this barbaric practice and join the rest of the civilized world. We live in a nation that claims to abide by the U.S. Constitution and to have a justice system that works. In regards to the death penalty, we are deceived on both counts.

Parker raises the question of “whether between death and leniency there isn’t some punishment that serves both justice and our own humanity.” My response is yes – life without parole. Life without parole keeps us safe from the offender, avoids the possibility of executing an innocent, costs far less and seeks justice through punishment rather than vengeance.

Like Parker, I say it is time to rise above an eye for an eye. Are we a civilized nation or not?

Shar Lichty



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